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Thomas Gleason has been a close friend of mine for many years. He has a unique ability to connect successful people and facilitate successful business collaboration. I am pleased to recommend Gleason Consulting Group to buyers and sellers or anyone who could benefit from well vetted business referrals; especially those in need of capital.
Frank Jules, President : AT&T

Gleason Consulting Group, LLC, “GCG” is a firm dedicated to assisting businesses reach their goals; whether it be to raise capital for a potential prospect, find a buyer for a prospect they would like to sell, locate a prospect that fits their parameters to acquire, or simply in making strategic business connections. GCG’s management team has over 35 years of business experience in many different industry sectors, most notably in oil and gas exploration and production, commercial real estate, healthcare, technology / telecom, and many others. GCG leverages our extensive relationships to ensure your business has the best chance to succeed.

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Business & Non-Profit Consulting

Gleason Consulting Group continues to have great success consulting with businesses and non-profits across a multitude of industries. Accomplished boards of directors and management teams notwithstanding, outside consultation is often the key to filling in important gaps

Political Consulting & Lobbying

Gleason Consulting has been working closely with political campaigns since 2007. Notable campaigns GCG has worked with include Rudy Giuliani for President, John McCain for President, Rick Perry for President, Mitt Romney for President, Jeb Bush for President, Rick Perry for Texas Governor, and many…

Gleason Oil & Gas, LLC

Founded in March of 2007, Gleason Oil & Gas, LLC, is a non-operated working interest investment company and we have invested or co-invested in over $35mm worth of properties. We invest in leasehold positions in states with forced pooling laws that allow us to participate in the drilling of oil and…

Gleason Land Services, LLC

Gleason Land Services, LLC, is the Land Services division of all of the Gleason Companies and is a full-service Landman brokerage with offices in Dallas, Houston and Oklahoma City. We have worked in 16 states across the country and are constantly adding to our list of clients. On behalf of our…

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