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Status Jet has had the privilege of working with Gleason Consulting Group on numerous occasions. Gleason’s team of talented advisers and their referrals, spanning a number of business verticals, have helped Status Jet steadily increase our charter volumes. The combined volume of travel between the Oil and Gas sector and political campaigns that Gleason Consulting Group is involved in represents one of the most diverse clienteles we have. Our team at Status Jet enjoys a prosperous business relationship.
David Henry, President & CEO : Status Jet

Do you need an introduction that could propel your business to the next level? Have you tapped out your contact list looking for that strategic partner? Whether you need a continual stream of business leads, a strategic partner, or just a few high-quality referrals, look no further than Gleason Consulting Group. We have cultivated relationships with successful business professionals and investors for years and if you've got a unique requirement, chances are we have the connection for you.

Building a successful business referral network is all about trust and it takes time and patience. Rather than spend your valuable time building this network, let Gleason Consulting Group refer you to a business or someone who needs your product or service. Simply put, we like to negotiate, do research and talk on the phone, and that’s an integral part of the business referral process. We make it our business to know everyone else’s business so we can appropriately match our clients with like-minded partners that will help them achieve their goals. Whether it’s a real estate, financial, management, operations, or investment need, our network of business partners and investors is second to none.

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