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Private Equity & Venture Capital

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Status Jet has had the privilege of working with Gleason Consulting Group on numerous occasions. Gleason’s team of talented advisers and their referrals, spanning a number of business verticals, have helped Status Jet steadily increase our charter volumes. The combined volume of travel between the Oil and Gas sector and political campaigns that Gleason Consulting Group is involved in represents one of the most diverse clienteles we have. Our team at Status Jet enjoys a prosperous business relationship.
David Henry, President & CEO : Status Jet

Private Equity

Looking for Private Equity? Private Equity investors/firms offer more than just money, they typically look for ways to add value to the business and we have an extensive network of Private Equity investors from all business backgrounds. Gleason Consulting Group is engaged by our clients to sift through various PE options and recommend those that best align with our clients' needs and business culture.

Often times companies hit a road block and need an outside opinion and help positioning their offering to attract the right investor. Let Gleason Consulting Group help source and procure a Private Equity firm that is aligned with your needs and culture.

Capital Investments

Finding the venture capital you need for a business can be difficult without the right partner. Gleason Consulting Group has extensive contacts in the venture capital industry, both private and public, and can help you successfully land the investment deal you need. Let us not only save your business time, but money by connecting you with with right partners from the get go.

We take the time to get to know you business proposal and needs and help you find the best funding to meet those needs. Send us your business plan today and let us take a look and set up an appointment.

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