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Thomas Gleason is a top performer and delivers in many capacities whether consulting, negotiating, strategy formulation, leading, managing, or connecting and employs tremendous integrity, calmness under pressure, dependability, and insightfullness in all his endeavors. He maintains close ties with a range of senior political, business, and philanthropic executives as well as distinguished foreign leaders in various fields. Those who trust no one but themselves to get the job done find a veracious ally in Thomas Gleason and his sanguine approach to decision making.
Honorable Tidal W. (Ty) McCoy : Acting Secretary of the Air Force to Ronald Reagan 1980-1988, Deputy Chief of Staff to 5 Secretary's of Defense

Gleason Consulting has extensive experience in both political consulting and lobbying and has been working closely with political campaigns since 2007. Notable campaigns GCG has worked with include:

  • Jeb Bush for President
  • John McCain for President
  • Mitt Romney for President
  • Rick Perry for President
  • Rudy Giuliani for President
  • Mark Sanford for South Carolina Governor
  • Rick Perry for Texas Governor
  • Dan Patrick for Texas Lieutenant Governor
  • Rob Portman for US Senator
  • Steve Pearce for US Senator
  • Ted Cruz for US Senator
  • Kelly Ayotte for US Senator
  • Adam Kinzinger for US Congressman
  • Bill Flores for US Congressman
  • Elise Stefanik for US Congresswoman
  • Joe Barton for US Congressman
  • Mark Sanford for US Congressman
  • Roger Williams for US Congressman
  • Ryan Zinke for US Congressman
  • Sean Duffy for US Congressman
  • Steve Pearce for US Congressman
  • Mike Rawlings for Dallas Mayor
  • Tom Leppert for Dallas Mayor
  • and many other state and local elected officials and campaigns

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