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Part-Time Position

Department: Part-Time

Location: Dallas, TX

Salary Range: Part-Time/TBD

Required Qualifications: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, as well as Social Media and Email Marketing


I relocated to Dallas, Texas, in January 2015, and it is always challenging to professionally introduce yourself into a new area. I have been truly blessed to have met Thomas Gleason. Through a mutual acquaintance, I have come to learn of Thomas' exceptional intellect and his commitment to the economic strength of the Dallas community and our Country. Gleason Consulting Group enjoys a very widespread and highly regarded circle of friends and clients all who share a common vision of success, equality of opportunity and prosperity. What also endears Thomas to me is his sincere appreciation of our law enforcement, members of our Armed Forces, and Veterans who are and have been willing to stand in the gap with honor and integrity to protect our way of life. Thomas and Gleason Consulting has made my transition to Dallas an even more enjoyable experience.
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired) : Member, 112th US Congress Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Board, National Center for Policy Analysis

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Gleason Consulting Group is looking to hire a part-time person to help with a wide variety of tasks. We are a firm dedicated to assisting businesses reach their goals by leveraging our extensive relationships to ensure your business has the best chance to succeed. With the combination of our proven track record, our extensive network, and global reach, our clients enjoy a decisive advantage when competing for limited investor allocations.

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Part-Time Position
Gleason Consulting Group is looking to hire a part-time person to help with a wide variety of tasks.