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Thomas Gleason is a top performer and delivers in many capacities whether consulting, negotiating, strategy formulation, leading, managing, or connecting and employs tremendous integrity, calmness under pressure, dependability, and insightfullness in all his endeavors. He maintains close ties with a range of senior political, business, and philanthropic executives as well as distinguished foreign leaders in various fields. Those who trust no one but themselves to get the job done find a veracious ally in Thomas Gleason and his sanguine approach to decision making.
Honorable Tidal W. (Ty) McCoy : Acting Secretary of the Air Force to Ronald Reagan 1980-1988, Deputy Chief of Staff to 5 Secretary's of Defense

Thomas Gleason

Chief Executive Officer

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Thomas is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gleason Consulting Group, LLC. For the duration of his career, Thomas has made it his primary goal to network with other successful individuals in all industries, and to connect these people to do business together. It is the main reason Gleason Consulting Group is and will remain a very successful venture. Thomas also serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gleason Oil & Gas, LLC, and Gleason Land Services, LLC.

Personally, Thomas is jointly responsible for the creation of the Maguire Energy Institute's Dallas Council within the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. The Dallas Council is a Board of 35 young professionals in the energy industry tasked with raising awareness of the Institute regionally and nationally, as well as, mentoring current undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Maguire Energy Institute program. Thomas also serves as on the Board of Directors of Sons of the Flag. Sons of the Flag is the only nationwide Foundation dedicated to burn survivors. Most recently, Thomas served on the National Advisory Board of Mission: NEXT. Mission: NEXT was the young professional's initiative dedicated to engaging young people across the country for the election of Jeb Bush as President of the United States in 2016.

Fred Turner


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Fred is President of Gleason Consulting Group, and his duties include developing relationships and managing the various projects in the energy sector that are currently in the pipeline. Along with Gleason Consulting Group, Fred also serves as President for Gleason Land Services and Gleason Oil & Gas running the day to day operations of both companies and ensuring client satisfaction and that projects are completed always on time. He has managed and been a part of project in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana and North Dakota that have included mineral rights determination, oil and gas due diligence, title work, lien checks for many banks through our contacts at top law firms and oil & gas leasing. Previously, Fred worked in the financial services industry before joining his father at his oil & gas company Red Oak Energy Partners, LLC in 2007. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College and enjoys spending time with his family and son that was born in 2014.

Jarrett Whipple


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Jarrett is Vice President of Gleason Consulting Group, and his duties include forming relationships which serve to mutually benefit all parties involved in the energy sector and across a wide array of other industries. Along with Gleason Consulting Group, Jarrett also serves as Vice President of Gleason Land Services and Gleason Oil & Gas, and he is responsible for managing all of the leasing and title activities conducted across many different states where Gleason's clients are actively exploring for oil and gas. He earned a Bachelor's Degree from Tarleton State University and is also a licensed real estate agent in Texas. As an active member of the AAPL he holds the designation of Registered Landman.

Ryan J Edwards, RPL


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Ryan is Vice President of Gleason Consulting Group, and his duties include managing various projects in the energy sector, implementing recommendations and marketing solutions, while researching the best business practices to ensure client satisfaction. Along with Gleason Consulting Group, Ryan also serves as Vice President for Gleason Land Services and Gleason Oil & Gas managing projects in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and North Dakota performing oil and gas due diligence, title work and leasing. Previously, Ryan worked in the sports and event industry, where he excelled in event marketing, client relationships, facility management and program development. He has a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Event and Facility Management from Texas Tech University Graduate School, is an active member of AAPL, DAPL, NALTEA and YPE, a Texas Notary Pubic, certified Registered Professional Landman (RPL), certified Texas ROW agent and active in the real-estate market in North/East Texas areas.